To Be Going On With

Extracted from the 46 minute Felt this is bit of a rejig is another for the stockpile of upcoming releases.

Rocking out on guitar last night…

Rockin' Out On Guitar 2018-03-24

Slowly getting the tools in place for the summer offensive. Video done after the fact as I had my hands full playing and knob twiddling.

p.s. Those LEDs may look all well and good but in less than bright lighting they’re so blinding you can’t read the legend around the controls of the effects unit.

Other Than The Bit I Forgot

I’m fairly confident that Revision No.97 of the effects board for the forthcoming Mr Slater’s Parrot airy-fairy* guitar EP is very nearly the right layout.

Overly complicated diagram of the layout and routing of a guitar effects pedal layout

* Ambient / Experimental

Back In The Day

Five guitar effects pedals by Boss, Moollon, and Pearl.Whilst having an effects sort out I put my 1986 line up back together (with the Moollon substituting for an Italian Crybaby that died long ago). By the end of that year I’d decided it was far too much effort and didn’t use effects live again for twenty years.

Time Is Of

Tunes lying around divided by UK life expectancy minus current age equals one E.P. a month until death. Shall aim to start releasing from January.

Have to hope for dramatic rise in life span to fit new ones in too. This is what happens when you keep over 30 years of notes and recordings.